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An international law firm found a winning strategy by providing business-focused guidance to their clients, regardless of their location in the world. Leveraging their deep knowledge across a variety of fields, the firm’s lawyers can anticipate hurdles – and opportunities – in each of their local markets and deliver innovative solutions to their clients’ legal and business challenges. 

The firm’s reputation has been built on the success of providing their clients with “future-facing” strategies to increase their profitability, regardless of the client’s industry. 

But there were growing pains. Most notably, the firm had client data spread across legacy and proprietary applications and housed in a variety of formats. As a result, there was no single view of the firm’s clients, the services that were provided, the rates charged, or the success of the engagement. 

The firm needed to be able to view their clients and prospects across all their offices so they could understand important aspects of their relationships with various clients, such as:  

  • Which office has worked with this client or prospect in the past? Who was involved and what were the outcomes? 
  • Has an office in one city (or country) already established a relationship with a company that can be leveraged in one of the other offices? 
  • How can the firm leverage these relationships effectively? 

By not having this visibility, the firm was wasting valuable time researching clients and missing key relationships, adversely affecting their success. 

The firm needed to move from its siloed systems to a CRM system built specifically for legal firms that was cloud-based so that all its employees across the globe had visibility to the same information.  

Learn how HSO helped this firm by implementing legal360, a comprehensive marketing, business development, ERM, and relationship intelligence suite for law firms. 

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