Get the Most Benefit from Your Relationships with a Successful CRM Implementation

Law firms depend on their relationships to find and win work. You must know who your clients and prospects are, what they need, and the status of the firm’s relationship with them to deliver the service and support they expect.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems should help but often—70 percent of the time, in fact—fall short because they aren’t equipped for the legal industry. What about your CRM?

  • Is it easy enough to use to ensure user adoption?
  • How much value is it delivering?
  • Is it equipped utilize your data to its fullest potential?
  • Does it effectively support business processes?

Do you have the capability to gauge these key metrics and determine if your CRM is doing its job?

While CRM success is measured differently depending on the firm, there are some universal factors in common which can be used as a roadmap for making important decisions:

  • Is a new CRM warranted?
  • Which CRM should you choose?
  • How do you measure its success?

With decades in the legal industry and a longstanding partnership with Microsoft, HSO helps law firms build connected relationships through effective support and technology.

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