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    By combining Dynamics 365 + legal360, we deliver four powerful solutions from one integrated platform. Learn more about our advanced contact and client management, marketing, business development, and client & matter information tracking solutions.

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    Get a 360° view of your client relationships

    Client & Matter Information Tracking

    Understanding the full experience of your firm and clients is an invaluable asset. The bios and experience of each lawyer – the work they’re doing, clients with whom they have worked, industries, geographies, cases, matters, and details of each of these engagements – are all delivered in actionable, consumable data to help your firm grow existing client relationships and win more work.

    What legal360 can do:
    • Track client and matter information
    • Harvest data from key internal systems and external content
    • Provide timekeeper and resource analysi
    • Provide a related party database
    • Track industry and market segments
    • Target practice groups and geos

    Advanced Contact & Client Management

    Relationships are the lifeblood of a law firm. legal360 provides the most sophisticated solution in the market for building a powerful relationship intelligence platform. Today’s law firms need relationship intelligence, including the ability to identify potential contacts, harvest critical contact data and automatically create connections between the firm’s employees, clients, matters, practices, and industries. The legal360 platform is designed to aggregate data sources to assemble your firm’s comprehensive relationship intelligence dataverse.

    What legal360 can do:
    • Monitor Outlook activity to propose potential contacts
    • Harvest details on contacts through email signature scraping
    • Contribute contacts and manage data quality
    • Automatically assemble connections and relationships
    • Launch workflows to support marketing and communications lists
    • Continuously monitor and score communications activity to report on trends
    • Integrate contact data with strategic client and matter information
    • Report on lawyer, practice group, and firm relationship activity

    Marketing & Communications

    Historically, law firms have been heavily reliant upon marketing and communications teams to educate existing and prospective clients, as well as to keep in touch with key contacts.

    What legal360 can do:
    • Provide advanced contact and relationship management
    • Manage mailing lists, including multiple marketing relationship tools
    • Manage mail merge and e-marketing templates
    • Manage campaigns and events
    • Provide e-marketing integration and pre-built connectors
    • Track activities and provides social media connectors
    • Provide tools for monitoring voice of the client surveys, interviews, and feedback
    • Provide reporting and analytics around campaign, social media, and communications activity

    Business Development

    legal360 provides the tools that allow for law firm business development professionals to capture, track, and execute on leads, opportunities, and pipeline management, including functionality that extends to managing individual, practice, or firm-wide goals. Your firm will have the details surrounding practice areas, geographies, and industry sectors, combined with an in-depth understanding of the firm’s experience to position each pursuit for success.

    What legal360 can do:
    • Assist with the analysis and identification of white space
    • Track leads
    • Manage opportunity and new business pursuits
    • Track and report on pipelines by individual, practice group, office, or firm-wide
    • Track and manage RFPs and tenders
    • Track qualifications and experience
    • Assemble documents and proposals
    • Provide competitive tracking and analysis

    Enter the Dataverse

    Critical data is often siloed and spread across many systems and is a major obstacle for law firms to develop comprehensive business intelligence systems. legal360, backed by Dynamics 365, gives your firm the ability to identify, harvest, and consolidate data from each area of the practice to build your own Dataverse.

    With your own Dataverse, you can securely store and manage data used by your firm’s business applications to co-exist and be consumed from a single location. Your Dataverse is uniquely yours, created from your staff experience, client, case, matter, and timekeeper details, as well as important data on practice groups, industries, and geographic locations. This information ensures your professionals have the most up-to-date information to better serve your existing clients, grow those relationships, and better identify and attract new business opportunities.

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