Uniquely qualified since 2005 to address the needs of law firms

    Tailor-made solutions for the unique challenges and requirements of your industry. legal360 by HSO leverages proven Microsoft technology—in the hands of a partner with decades of experience in the legal industry—to tackle your challenges and position you for the future.

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    We understand law firms

    Much like your firm focuses on specific areas of expertise, our legal360 team focuses exclusively on solutions for the legal industry. Since our first law firm CRM implementation in 2005, we’ve served 100,000 global users at some of the world’s most prestigious law firms, helping them achieve transformational change that has delivered exceptional ROI from day one.   

    Platform-first, brought to you by the cloud

    legal360 is built on the cloud for a very good reason. As a modern, cloud-based solution, you can modernize your business in ways that weren’t possible before cloud technology came along. With legal360, you get more than just a software application; you get a practice Intelligence platform that automates and streamlines business operations, delivers actionable insights, and transforms your firm into a connected one, empowering you to leverage relationships both inside and outside your firm to find and win more work.   

    And that’s not all. Microsoft’s approach to digital transformation is perhaps one of the most revolutionary advances in technology—not just because of the technology itself, but because of the power it puts into your hands. This “platform-first” approach helps companies drive improvements in their business performance using Microsoft’s Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and more). 

    We’ve been working with the Power Platform for many years and have seen what it can do to accelerate end-to-end transformation. With a platform-first approach, you can take advantage of integrated solutions that can help you replace legacy applications and point solutions throughout your organization faster and more cost-effectively. 

    Strong ties with Microsoft … and how you benefit

    A worldwide software consulting firm and implementor since 1987, HSO has a stellar reputation in the Microsoft community and a close relationship with Microsoft: 

    • As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2002, we have demonstrated the highest level of expertise and a proven and specialized skill set in our focus technology and service areas.  
    • We have achieved Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status from Microsoft.  
    • We are an 11-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, a member of Microsoft’s elite Inner Circle, and one of just 25 Microsoft Managed Global ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners in the world 
    • Our close relationship with Microsoft puts us in the unique position of being able to speak directly with their leadership about product development roadmaps and work directly with their technical experts on product questions, issues, and their development roadmaps.  

    Why should all that matter to you?  

    Because our relationship with Microsoft has played a key role in our ability to guide many of the preeminent legal firms around the world through their digital transformation. In other words, we’re able to pass along the benefits of being a powerful Microsoft partner and our close relationship with Microsoft to our customers. When you work with HSO, you also have Microsoft in your corner. 

    A partner that's large enough to serve, but small enough to care

    A worldwide software consulting firm and implementor since 1987, HSO offers the benefits of working with a powerful partner. We offer services that include: 

    However, we never forget that our purpose is to drive improvements in your business performance through the power of technology. We also like being “small” because it allows us to stay industry focused and agile. We never stop striving to understand your challenges so we can find ways to conquer them.  

    HSO is big enough to be a highly respected, global Microsoft partner, but we have always seen ourselves as small enough to care. We benefit from our close relationship with Microsoft, but more importantly, we’re able to pass along those benefits to our customers. 

    International global delivery.

    With a proven global delivery methodology and locations worldwide, we are equipped to deliver consistent, high-quality implementations anywhere, accelerating transformation—even for multi-national companies—with an affordable price tag and predictable outcomes. 

    Global managed services, 24/7.

    We have the staff and structure to support your core business systems while working together with you proactively on any initiative, from upgrades to continuous process improvement that will secure your success now and down the road. 

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